A DARKER WORLD is a small, independent motion picture production company based in High Point, North Carolina.

The goal of A DARKER WORLD is to develop original films in whatever format is best suited to the story: shorts, features or series. A DARKER WORLD further strives to cultivate the local North Carolina filmmaking community by partnering with other local artists to develop their own projects.

A DARKER WORLD is owned and operated by Jeffrey Cochran.

A DARKER WORLD is the culmination of a lifelong appreciation of the creative arts. Not only music, art and writing. But also architecture, computer programming and woodworking. Anything that starts with a blank page and ends with something having been created.

Due to time constraints, A DARKER WORLD’s primary focus has shifted solely to motion picture development. However, we still garner a deep affection for the arts and make every effort to support local artists and musicians.